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QUANTICA® Real-time Nucleic Acid Detection System

Quantica® has been designed with the advantage of having an open architecture and chemistry format that allows the end user full flexibility of the methods and research they wish to pursue.

- Solid state white light source and PMT (photomultiplier tube) detector gives an impressive excitation range of 470nm to 650nm and a detection range of 500nm to 710nm.

- Multiplex - multiple wavelengths are detectable per sample using up to four paired excitation and emission filters housed in individual cartridge systems.

-Wide dynamic range - up to at least 9 orders of magnitude from starting copy number and high sensitivity, detecting down to 1nM fluorescein and single copy templates, depending upon the assay.

Heated Lid
The flexible optical heated lid system is designed to minimize loss of sample and prevent sample condensation. Temperature controlled, it allows further method optimization where pre-incubation stages may be required (e.g. in reverse transcription techniques) or where changes in the heated lid characteristics are needed during the different stages of a program run.

Quansoft® software and reporting
Accompanying Quantica® is our unique, intuitive software Quansoft®. By employing a series of user-friendly windows, Quansoft® enables any real-time experiment to be created with ease.

Comprehensive, completely user customizable report formats can be selected from quantification, dissociation curve, plus/minus scoring and allelic discrimination analyses. Fully user-customizable report formats can be printed or exported to Adobe PDF, while raw data formats can be exported to MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Technical Specifications

Parameter Quantica®
Block format 96x0.2ml
Block specification 8 x Peltier block employing quad-circuit technology to enhance performance
Block uniformity at 50°:C Better than ±:0.3°C
Maximum ramp rate Up to 2.2°C
Temperature range 4 to 98°C
Sample volume 15 to 50ul
Heated lid Adjustable between 100 and 115°C in 1°C increments, or off
Maximum sample evaporation Less than 15 volume loss from any well using the plate sealing recommended by Techne
PC connectivity USB, OS Win XP SP3 or higher and Win 7 (one unit per PC)
Plate format Low profile 96-well plate (skirted or non-skirted)
Excitation source Solid state white light source
Detector Photon counting photomultiplier tube
Multiplex dye detection Up to 4 dyes per reaction tube
User selec ted filters Maximum of 4 paired excitationemission filter cartridge systems suitable wth currently used dyes*
Fluorescence excitation range 470-650nm (standard filters are centered at 485, 530, 580 and 640nm)
Fluorescence detection range 500-710nm (standard filters are centered at 520, 560, 615 and 685nm)
Dynamic range At least 9 orders of magnitude of target DNA concentration
Sensitivity (detection threshold) 1nM fluorescein in a 20ul sample
Resolution 1.5 fold difference in target DNA concentration
Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions, WxHxD, in. 16 x 20 x 21
Input power 715W
Power supply 100-230V, 5060Hz

*custom filter cartridge systems available upon request

Ordering Information

Part No. Description
FQPCR96 Quantica real-time nucleic acid detection system
FC01 FAM multiplex, 460nm excitation wavelength, 500nm emission wavelength
FC02 Green, FAM|SYBR®, 485nm excitation wavelength, 520nm emission wavelength
FC03 Yellow, HEX, 530nm excitation wavelength, 560nm emission wavelength
FC04 Red, ROX, 580nm excitation wavelength, 615nm emission wavelength
FC05 Blue, Cy5, 640nm excitation wavelength, 685nm emission wavelength

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